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Welcome to Barbara's Embroidery

Thanks for visiting my website!  My small business is a custom embroidery shop located in the Potrero Hill district in San Francisco.  My commercial/industrial equipment is the same that is used by manufacturers, but I am not running a big factory...its a one-person shop.

Contact me via email at bzsews@yahoo.com for availability to arrange to drop off or discuss new projects. 

Barbara Zerbe

Barbara Zerbe has been creating, sewing, and embroidering for over 50 years; with over 20 years on Tajima machines. A dedicated artist and small business owner, she brings expertise, passion and humor to all her custom work.

What I do:

I create embroidery  on many types of textiles and garments. I specialize in custom embroidered logos, and pricing is based on a 24 piece order. I will embroider smaller orders with the pricing the same as 24 pieces. Pricing includes programming, sampling, and working on your items, and starts at $400.

I use state-of-the-art computer programmed Tajima embroidery machines to professionally stitch your design.. I have sources for some garments for your job, or you can provide your own pieces for embroidery.

Please review our FAQ page for ordering information, and AFTER YOU HAVE REVIEWED THE FAQ's, use our Contact Barbara page to send me your designs. 

Due to many variables for any project, I can not give price quotes over the phone without seeing the items and/or artwork.  I am not an "on demand" embroidery service, and I can't reserve time for work until I have the work in my shop.

Plan for 3 weeks minimum from dropping your items to when I can start on your project, as I am typically booked a month out. Check for availability and make an appointment to drop off garments, please. 

Some projects are beyond my equipment capability, and often I don't have available time, and have to decline the offer to do them. I appreciate courtesy and understanding.


What Yelpers say:

"As good as it gets!  Perfect lettering in exactly the color I chose, clear, readable, every thread in place and no loose ones." Hon Carol Ruth S.

"I live in Menlo Park and will drive quite a ways to find quality work....no doubt I have never, in my life, met such a talented and patient business owner...such as Barbara." Jennie C.

Check out all of Barbara's Yelp reviews here.  The open days and times on yelp (Thanks, Yelp and Yelpers!) are usually when I am in, but as a one-person shop, sometimes I have appointments or other conflicts, and it's best to check with me before coming a long way to see me.