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About Barbara's Custom Embroidery

Barbara's Embroidery has been in business on Potrero Hill since 1999, and previously was located in San Francisco's Cannery as the clothing and t-shirt line "San Franciscow". 

Barbara ZerbeFirst and foremost, Barbara is a devoted daughter, sister, wife, mom to three and kinda-mom to several beloved friends-of-kids, niece, cousin, and is a loyal friend. 

Barbara's Embroidery is not a factory. It's a custom shop whose fundamental personal and professional values include kindness, honesty, integrity, and respect.

In return, I expect the same, and patience. This is not an on-demand business. Manufacturing is often done several seasons ahead, and yes that means many months. 

As a sole proprietor, I balance replying to queries, estimating costs, meeting with clients and doing the actual embroidery work, which can take many hours, days, or weeks- sometimes for just one order. I've taught my trade to my three now adult children.

Unfortunately, when fully booked, in some cases for weeks in advance, I can't respond to inquiries for new work until we catch up with our pending orders. 

I love the creative process of digital embroidery; coming from a family of engineers and artists,  I do my best to make your project work.